HinduACTion’s Annual Diwali Gala Triumphs with Successful Advocacy and Fundraising


HinduACTion, a premier organization in Washington DC, celebrated a triumphant evening at its annual Diwali Gala and fundraiser on November 5, 2023. Dedicated to combating Hinduphobia, advancing Hindu values, and regularly engaging with lawmakers, HinduACTion showcased its significance in advocating for the Hindu community in the United States.

The gala, themed “American Hindu Engagement in Society and Nation Building,” prominently addressed targeted Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu bigotry. Attendees witnessed a powerful demonstration of the organization’s weightage among lawmakers, reflecting its impactful advocacy initiatives. Notably, HinduACTion successfully raised multiple thousand dollars during the fundraiser, demonstrating widespread support for their endeavors.

Keynote speaker Niraj Antani, the Indian and Hindu American State Senator in Ohio, shared legislative victories, including resolutions for Hindu Heritage Month and condemning Hinduphobia. HinduACTion’s relentless efforts were further underscored as Antani highlighted the organization’s instrumental role in bringing a bill condemning the Bangladeshi Genocide of 1971 to Capitol Hill.

Jennifer Rajkumar, the first Indian American woman and Hindu elected to the NY State office, celebrated her historic win in making Diwali a school holiday in New York City. The event served as a testament to HinduACTion’s impactful collaboration with lawmakers, reinforcing its pivotal role in promoting Hindu values and addressing community concerns.

Sree Iyer, an author, editor at PGurus.com, and Silicon Valley technologist, emphasized the need for increased visibility of Hindus in North America. He highlighted HinduACTion’s essential role in countering discriminatory legislation and fostering relationships with lawmakers.

Philanthropist Sajjan Agrawal commended HinduACTion for diligently working to educate lawmakers about Sanatana Dharma, Hindu values, and traditions. The organization’s commitment to combating Hinduphobia and fostering relationships with Hindu and non-Hindu organizations was acknowledged as a crucial step in paving the way for policies that respect and acknowledge Hindu interests.

Se Hoon Kim, a geopolitical expert and interfaith activist, praised HinduACTion’s spirit of unity and collaboration. He highlighted the organization’s success in uniting members of the Shia Muslim Hazara community and the Hindu community, setting an example for others.

Asra Nomani, an author and activist combating violent extremism, commended HinduACTion for exposing falsehoods against Hindus and India. The organization’s recent hosting of members of the Jewish community to showcase support for Hindus in the ongoing Israel and Hamas conflict further exemplified its commitment to fostering intercommunity alliances.

Dr. Mohan Wanchoo, a Kashmiri activist and philanthropist, emphasized the need for unity and awareness, applauding HinduACTion’s leadership in promoting awareness of terrorist activities worldwide.

Cardiologist Dr. Afshine Emrani drew parallels between mysticism in Judaism and Hinduism, emphasizing commonalities in their mystic traditions. His personal experience highlighted the organization’s impact in fostering understanding among diverse communities.

Keynote speaker Dr. Max Abrahms, a professor at Northeastern University, expressed gratitude to the Indian government and people for their support to Israel, acknowledging HinduACTion’s role in building bridges between communities.

HinduACTion’s Diwali Gala not only marked a major success in fundraising and advocacy but also showcased the organization’s unparalleled weightage among lawmakers. Its consistent efforts in engaging with legislators, fostering intercommunity alliances, and addressing key issues facing Hindus in America highlight HinduACTion’s crucial role in shaping policies and promoting understanding among diverse communities.

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Rohit Sharma is a Senior Journalist who has lived in Washington DC since 2007. He currently is a contributor to Dainik Bhaskar, the world's third largest newspaper by readership. His opinion pieces feature on News 9 and The Quint. He has been invited as guest on the BBC, NDTV, India Today, AajTak, Times Now, Republic, Zee news and others. His work has featured in six Indian Languages.

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