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Mattis Salutes US Merchant Marine Academy Graduates

New York - The United States needs its Merchant Marine officers to employ discipline, strategic thinking and strong ethics in the often challenging and dangerous...

Mattis: Naval War College Grads Will Tackle Today’s Security Challenges

Washington, DC - Defense Secretary James N. Mattis today (June 15) told this year’s U.S. Naval War College graduates he is confident they’ll carry forward the legacy...

Pentagon Offers Enhanced Support for Military Families With Special Needs

Washington, DC - The Defense Department now offers access to a wide array of newly enhanced and specialized support for military families with special needs. Officials...


Seven UN Experts Call Modi to Probe Firing in Thoothukudi

Geneva, Switzerland - Seven independent experts lambasted the lethal Indian police response to protests against the expansion of the heavily polluting copper smelter in...

Pentagon Honors Secretary of Defense Environmental Award Recipients

Washington, DC - The Defense Department is honoring nine winners with the 2018 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards for exceptional environmental achievements and innovative, cost-effective environmental practices. The...

India Visit: Energy Secretary Perry Hosts USISPF Delegation

Washington, DC - US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry is scheduled to be in India at the end of February to further enhance bilateral...


Group of Indian Americans Go to Prison for H1-B Visa Fraud

San Jose - Another group of Indian Americans was sentenced to prison for their role in a case of H1-B visa fraud scheme and...

US Opens Re-registration for TPS Validity Extension for Nepal

Washington, DC - Amid the dark clouds of doom for immigrants looking for a chance to stay in the United States, the US Citizenship...

US Lawmaker Reacts as TSA Humiliates Canadian Sikh Minister

Washington, DC - The US House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley reacted to reports that Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep...


Facebook in the Forbidden City

Washington, DC - We all know that if you make decisions based on flawed assumptions, things can easily go wrong. Welcome to the United States’...

UPDATE: EU Privacy Law Set to be a Game Changer

Washington, DC - The GDPR roll out is just days away, and people's’ inboxes are receiving a steady stream of privacy updates from sites that...

Business Underpins India-US Defense Deal

Mumbai - On January 25, India and the US renewed their bilateral defense pact for 10 more years. The ‘2015 Framework for the US-India Defense...


Perilous Interventions: The Security Council and the Politics of Chaos

New York - “Perilous Interventions: The Security Council and the Politics of Chaos” (Harper Colins, 2016), a book providing a sharp analysis of the recent...


With New Year 2018 Dawning, H-1B Extensions to Hit Snags

Washington, DC - The Trump Administration is working to introduce new regulations to curtail H-1B visa extensions, putting in jeopardy Green Card applications of...