About Us

Founded in 2012 by Tejinder Singh, India America Today (IAT) is an independent media organization and news provider based in Washington, DC. IAT’s team spans the Indian subcontinent and North America, providing in-depth coverage of India-US relations and the subcontinent. We are committed to truth, quality, and the highest ethical standards in journalism that guided our friend, mentor and colleague Tejinder Singh. IAT provides fact-driven reporting and analysis that enriches and contributes to our democratic conversation.  Our team worked with Tejinder in different phases of his career in Greece, Belgium, India and the United States, and we are dedicated to carrying forward his legacy of fair and independent journalism.

IAT Team

Tejinder Singh, Editor Emeritus
Tweets @tejindersingh
Poonam Sharma, Managing Editor
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Shipra Mathur, Consulting Editor
Rajesh Sundaram, Editorial Consultant
Subodh Mishra, Hindi Editor
Neelam Bhatt, Contributing Editor