Under Secretary of Defense Dr. Kahl and Indian Foreign Secretary Kwatra Discuss Defense Cooperation, Security


Washington, DC – Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Dr. Colin Kahl met with Indian Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra at the Pentagon today. Dr. Kahl reaffirmed the importance of the U.S.-India Major Defense Partnership to shape the future of the Indo-Pacific. They discussed developments related to mutual security interests, including in the Indian Ocean Region and Europe, according to a readout provided by Pentagon Spokesman Lt. Col. David Herndon. 

DOD Under Secretary for Policy Dr. Colin Kahl and Indian Foreign Secretary V.M. Kwatra (photo credit Twitter @DOD_Policy)

Dr. Kahl and Foreign Secretary Kwatra also discussed initiatives to advance bilateral defense cooperation ahead of the next 2+2 Ministerial meeting to be held in New Delhi. The discussion covered a range of issues including deepening Navy-to-Navy cooperation, particularly in the undersea domain; expanding information sharing and logistics cooperation to facilitate operational coordination between the U.S. and Indian militaries; and accelerating India’s indigenous defense production through bilateral defense industrial cooperation and partnership in emerging defense domains.

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