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Founded in 2012 by the late Tejinder Singh, India America Today (IAT) is an independent media organization and news provider based in Washington, DC. IAT's team spans the Indian subcontinent and North America, providing in-depth coverage of India-US relations and the subcontinent. We are committed to truth, quality, and the highest ethical standards in journalism that guided our friend, mentor and colleague Tejinder Singh.


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India – A Vibrant Democracy and A Pluralistic Society

If India persists in its pursuit of building and consolidating its infrastructure, keeps the society cohesive and harmonious, and stabilizes predictable consistency in policy formulation and implementation, a brighter future can be ensured for its future generations.

Harnessing Space Technologies in India

On June 11 this year, India's Prime Minister Narendra...

China’s Actions Are At Odds With The Goal Of Peace And Stability

"China's actions are fundamentally at odds with the goal of peace and stability. They are part of an intensified pressure campaign against Taiwan, which has not ended, and we expect it to continue to unfold in the coming weeks and months," added Campbell.


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