Joint Maritime Security Exercise ‘Sea Defenders-2024’ Boosts US-India Coast Guard Partnership


Port Blair, India The maritime forces of India and the United States successfully concluded the comprehensive maritime security exercise ‘Sea Defenders-2024’ at Port Blair today. The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) joined forces for the extensive drill aimed at bolstering maritime cooperation and interoperability between the two nations.

The week-long exercise featured a range of scenarios, including a Pollution Response Demonstration that showcased the prowess of the Indian Coast Guard in responding to oil spills and other environmental hazards at sea. The drill also simulated Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) Operations, emphasizing the joint commitment to combating illegal activities at sea.

A highlight of the exercise was the Search & Rescue and Pollution Response demonstrations conducted by the Indian Coast Guard helicopter and Dornier aircraft. These showcased the ICG’s ability to undertake aerial surveillance, rescue missions, and respond effectively to maritime environmental crises.

The training exercise also addressed contemporary challenges, incorporating simulations to neutralize asymmetric threats such as drone attacks on commercial merchant traffic. It provided a platform for both the USCG and ICG personnel to enhance their firefighting and damage control skills through a simulated scenario, where Damage Control and Firefighting (DCFF) teams demonstrated their capabilities in combating shipboard emergencies.


Following the successful completion of the exercise, the United States Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf bid farewell to Port Blair. The cutter’s visit was marked by engaging harbor activities and sea exercises aimed at fostering collaboration. Crew members from both the Bertholf and the Indian Coast Guard participated in cross-visits, touring each other’s ships to gain valuable insights into their capabilities and procedures.

The joint exercises between the USCG and ICG serve as invaluable training opportunities, enabling both Coast Guards to refine their skills and improve their ability to work together in a coordinated manner. The visit of the USCGC Bertholf to Port Blair stands as a symbol of the growing partnership between the United States and Indian Coast Guard, reinforcing their commitment to creating a safer and more secure maritime environment through collaborative efforts.

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