Indian Navy Commemorates 100 Days of Enhanced Maritime Security Operations


In response to the escalation of the Israel – Hamas conflict affecting maritime operations, the Indian Navy has intensified its maritime security efforts since mid-December 2023. Today, March 23, 2024, marks the completion of 100 days of the ongoing maritime security operations under the banner of ‘Op Sankalp.’ During this period, the Indian Navy has demonstrated proactive measures, particularly highlighted by its response to the hijacking of the Malta-flagged Bulk Carrier MV Ruen on December 14, 2023.

The Indian Navy’s actions have been crucial in addressing 18 incidents, establishing its role as the ‘First Responder’ and ‘Preferred Security Partner’ in the Indian Ocean Region. The completion of actions against the hijacking of MV Ruen further underscores the significance of the Indian Navy’s contributions.

In the last 100 days, naval ships, aircraft, and Special Forces have exhibited unwavering determination to safeguard the seas and protect the maritime community from various non-traditional threats. Maritime security operations have been conducted in three main areas: the Gulf of Aden and adjoining areas, the Arabian Sea, and off the East Coast of Somalia.

The Indian Navy’s efforts since December 2023 have seen the deployment of over 5000 personnel at sea, totaling over 450 ship days with more than 21 ships deployed and 900 hours of flying by maritime surveillance aircraft to counter threats in the maritime domain.

The Indian Ocean Region has witnessed a steady increase in the presence of warships from regional and extra-regional navies since the emergence of piracy in 2008. In this security landscape, the Indian Navy has taken the lead in responding to security situations arising from various threats.

With over 110 lives saved, including 45 Indian seafarers, and the escorting of 15 lakh tons of critical commodities, such as fertilizers, crude oil, and finished products, the Indian Navy’s ongoing maritime security operations have demonstrated its capability to play a crucial role as a strong and responsible force in the Indian Ocean Region.

The Information Fusion Centre: Indian Ocean Region (IFC-IOR) of the Indian Navy in Gurugram has played a pivotal role as a central hub for information exchange in the region. Coordinated missions with the Indian Air Force and national agencies have also emphasized the synergy and interoperability of the services.

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