South and Central Asia

US Concerned About Bangladesh Crackdown Ahead of Political Rally

Washington, DC - As government crackdown continues in Bangladesh ahead of a planned opposition rally, the White House expressed concern over the reports and said...

क्या अपरिहार्य है राज्यपाल पद?

राज्यपाल और राज्य सरकारों के बीच टकराव आम बात है. मगर हाल के वर्षों में ऐसी घटनाएं बढ़ती जा रही हैं. इसमें गलती हमेशा...

I Stand in Solidarity With Afghan Hazaras

Warsaw, Poland - I’m still numb from the horrific attack at the Kaaj Educational Center in the Dasht-e-Barchi district of West Kabul, Afghanistan which...

Bitter Days

Before any protest, before I said anything, I would read through my will and say goodbye to my family because I was going down a path that might have no return.

Letter to President of India From the Brave Women of Afghanistan

We hope that one day a  "Murmu” will appear in our weary land, and as the First Native Female President, she will lay the foundation of equality and freedom for Afghanistan and the world.