PHOTO BY: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

President Donald J. Trump holds hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India as they take a surprise walk together Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019, around the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas

New York – Precedents were broken and protocol-embedded wisdom discarded in Houston today when PM Modi introduced President Trump at the “HowdyModi” event. Typically, the Head of State or Government of the host nation welcomes a visiting counterpart; but that millennia old protocol was discarded for a unique sight to behold: India’s PM Modi welcoming and introducing America’s President Trump in America.

Such warmth, usually between brothers or best friends, can displace protocol for something better: a knowing and obvious joint destiny. To the feint-hearted or mischievous, they need to proceed with caution during the 21st Century, because Houston became the venue when history was reset and India – who Columbus set out to find – and America, that Columbus discovered, joined as long lost family with passionate warmth that exceeds the limits of sovereignty.

Pandit Nehru sought a ‘tryst with destiny.’ Today, PM Modi, the new Iron Man Of India, not only enjoyed the tryst with destiny, but even straightened it out to honor the New India – which honors the thousands years’ old golden age of India – as if reborn with him.
Having come to these blessed shores over 50 years ago as a kid, and always seeking a joinder between America and India, two nations rooted in common values and freedoms, I beheld with supreme delight the Prime Minister Of India welcoming and introducing the President Of America in Texas!

From Columbus, to Indian Tea bopping in Boston Harbor in 1773, to India suffering Lord Cornwallis’ merciless rule after losing to General George Washington, History wasn’t just made in Houston, it was also corrected to honor India’s vital and indispensable role in supporting the American Revolution to paying the heavy price – extreme pain from Cornwallis – for the birth of American Exceptionalism.

Given that weighty history, it was fitting for PM Modi to introduce and warmly welcome family: President Trump in Houston, America.


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