Washington, DC – On August 15, India’s Independence Day, the World Sikh Parliamentary Committee, in association with like-minded organizations, is organizing protests in front of Indian Embassies around the world. The organization’s American religious committee includes Himmat Singh (New York), Harjinder Singh (New Jersey), Davinder Singh Deo (Virginia), Jasbir Singh (Pennsylvania), and Kewal Singh (Connecticut). The five-member religious committee is also organizing dharnas at embassies on the East Coast of the US.

The main objective of the protest is to keep Punjab safe. The protests are being organized to highlight water problems in Punjab, the Indian Marriage Act which clubs Sikhs with majority Hindus, the identity of Sikhs as a separate religion, the unwanted unjust police crackdown on Sikhs and other atrocities committed against the Sikh community by the central government.

Like-minded organizations including Sikh American Youth, 20/20 organizations, Sikhs for Justice, Mann Akali Dal, Bargari Executive Committee, Hawara Committee and local like-minded personalities are working hard to make this protest a success.

The leaders further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should apologize to all Sikhs for the ‘Gobind Ramayana’ mentioned by Modi during the ground breaking ceremony of Ram Mandir.

The show runs from 12 noon to 2 p.m. (ET) at Washington DC. It will be held in front of the Indian Embassy here. Permission has been officially obtained by Balwinder Singh Chattha, Sikh Youth Coordinator. The platform will be also used by Sikhs for Justice 20/20 for registration. The SFJ will set up a table of its own with full literature, according to the organizers.

According to preliminary information, the East Coast Religious Committee is bringing together allied organizations on a single platform under the banner of the World Sikh Parliament so that the demands of the Sikhs can be raised to the government. It is hoped that the protests will be enough to wake up the government via embassies. According to allied organizations and the coordinator, all arrangements for the protest have been completed on a war footing.


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