Washington, DC – Regional Sikh organizations in the US are organizing a “Black Day for Sikhs” on January 26 in front of the Indian Embassy here according to Balwinder Singh Chatha, member, World Sikh Parliament.

Speaking to IAT, Chatha listed the following organizations as supporters of the two car rallies which would converge at the Indian mission here:

East Coast Coordination Committee, NYC led by Himmat Singh

Khalistan Affairs Center, Washington DC led by Dr. Amarjeet Singh

Sikhs for Justice led by Gurpatwant Singh Pannun

Shiromani Akali Dal, Amritsar

All Gurdwaras in DMV area

Sikh youth of DMV area

One of the rallies will start from Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Fairfax in Virginia and the other will originate from Guru Nanak Foundation, Silver Spring in Maryland. With both rallies converging in front of the Indian Embassy, the Black Day for Sikhs will be observed from 11 am ET to 2 pm ET on January 26.

Indian celebrates its Republic Day anniversary on January 26, as the Indian constitution was adopted on that day.

Balwinder Singh Chatha, member, World Sikh Parliament

Chatha told IAT that January 26 is “not a Republic Day for Sikhs but it’s a Black Day,” explaining that “two Sikh representatives from Sikh Community didn’t sign the Indian constitution.”

“De juris we, Sikhs are not part of India instead, de facto, we are captives in India,” said Chatha.

Citing “Indian constitution Article 25B which says Sikhs are part of Hindus,” Chatha added, “So the Sikhs do not accept Indian constitution.”

Secondly, Chatha said they support Farmers Agitation in India and “strongly call upon the government of India to repeal the three agricultural laws.”

Thirdly, Chatha cited “Deg Teg Fateh” explaining, “We, the Sikhs want independence from India.”


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