Burtonsville, Maryland – Festivity was in the air at the Punjabi Mela as dhol beat music blared, the aroma of food filled the environs, and people mingled dressed in their Sunday best.

In addition to entertainment and sports activities for children and adults, there were many stalls where doctors and social workers were trying to reach out to the needy.

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The untiring doctor on the move, Suresh Gupta highlighted the health problems facing the American population and especially Indian heritage people. “When we see people who are walking around with health problems, we approach them and offer free tests and advice,” said Gupta.

Giving an example from the ongoing Mela there, Gupta told IAT, “We spotted an Indian American man walking around and when we checked his vitals, he had high BP and high sugar and had not seen a doctor, so we advised further action.” Commenting on the prevalence of health issues, Gupta said, “One out of ten in the US population is diabetic while in Indian population the ratio is much higher.”

“Lack of education- lack of awareness and affordability” were listed as major factors by Gupta, noting his organization – Asian American Inter Community Service (AICS – www.aicscare.org) is trying to do their part to help the needy.

Sam Mukherjee of AICS told IAT: “We are offering community health services – prevention – training to manage chronic diseases- and ensuring all community members are insured.”

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Tarsem S. Dayal, and Dr. George Jing, independent contractors with World Financial Group Inc (WFG) were very excited to participate in this year’s Punjabi Mela. “The over 60+ visitors to our booth gave us the opportunity to interact with some of the finest at the festival in sharing the notion that a financial education is vital on a grand scale now more than ever,” they told IAT.

Citing two questions facing investors today as, “How Money Works and Alternative Ways to Make Money,” they noted that their company WFG has answers as its an Independent marketing company affiliated with some of the largest, most powerful and most respected companies in the world today, with combined assets of more than $100 billion.”

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Summing up the successful efforts on the organization of Mela, Harbhans Singh Sandhu, the person behind the excellent teamwork in organizing this Mela for 6th year in a row told IAT: “Not much challenges as all communities participate. Our main focus is on kids so there is a good participation.”

By coming out and participating in activities, children, teenagers and others are given healthy options in life instead of leaning towards drug abuse and other unhealthy ways, Sandhu added.


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