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Washington, DC – A very strong message was delivered to prospective illegal migrants from India when a special flight carrying 167 Indians, who were deported for illegally trying to enter the United States of America, landed in Amritsar recently.

Jesse with Trump in the Rose GardenWelcoming the strict action taken by the Trump administration, Jasdip Singh Jesse, Chair of the US based Sikhs of America called it an eye opening move for the Sikhs and others who are paying thousands of dollars to sneak into the US illegally.

Jesse also lambasted lawyers, who are representing such illegal aliens entering the US from Mexico and other illegal entries.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, who is legal advisor for Sikhs for Justice, an organization which supports a secessionist movement of Khalistan – a separate Sikh state from India – has a legal practice which helps illegals entering the US to fight here for legalization.

Sukhi Chahal, CEO and chairman of California-based JDS Unified LLC told IAT: “Sikhs for Justice is exploiting innocent illegal youth by putting their own shirts to protest against Indian Government. This is a conflict of interest to abuses against the system.”

Asking the Trump Administration to intervene, Chahal said, “The State Department must enquire into it. What is right and wrong. Nobody has the right to encourage anybody to speak against the Government, system and constitution. They came here by following the system and thereafter they tried to break it. It is not the right attitude or practice. They are spoiling, exploiting and breaking the system.”

Jesse noted, instead, Sikhs of America was working with the Trump Administration and the Government of India to facilitate agricultural workers and other visas for Indians who are willing to come and work in the US legally.

The picture emerging from different parts of India, especially the Northern State of Punjab, shows that agents who promise a safe passage to the US – via Mexico and other routes – are minting money from gullible people.

The Government of India should crack down with stringent measures to stop such nefarious activities of human smuggling agents.

There has been an increase in the number of families, even with small children taking the illegal route into the US. This has resulted in several tragic deaths. The recent death of a seven year old girl in the desert while entering the US hit international headlines.

Most people don’t know that once deported from the US, the person cannot come to the US for at least seven years.

There are several legal ways to come and even settle in the US – like higher studies, sponsorships, marriages and investment- among others.

Batra’s Message
for the Gullible

The latest flight carrying deported people landed in the Holy city of Amritsar In Punjab so as to highlight the dire consequences for those who plan on entering the US illegally. The population of Punjab is a prime target of human smugglers.

Attorney Ravi Batra, a COVID-19 survivor and Chair, the National Advisory Council South Asian Affairs, told IAT: “While the United States welcomes legal migrants and looks forward to some of them becoming Americans citizens, those who came here without an invitation are unceremoniously deported back to their nation.“

Batra observed, “However, as an act of continuing friendship between the US and India, enhanced by President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, these 167 Indians were lucky to be sent directly to Amritsar, so they could sooner pray at the Golden Temple and give thanks.”

According to reliable sources, there will be many more such flights with deportees as the US under President Donald Trump works to discourage illegal immigration.


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