Philadelphia – There is a Five Year Marker to indicate that another election is around corner. Battlefield is shaping up slowly and steadily. Knots of different political party alliances are taking place in form of “Mahagathbandhan” in opposition parties where Congress Party is desperately playing a leading role.

In past four years, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has consolidated its position as ruling party after winning last general election. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proven his worth in Gold by accomplishing many tasks which were considered almost unattainable on way to reach into 21st century, which still needs many more miles to go. But he has awakened the soul of the citizens and stirred the emotion with confidence that we can reach our goal on progress if we all put our mind and soul simply through task on trial. He also had been controversial on whipping nationalistic fervor. But nobody can deny his dynamism. Nationally and internationally he has as proven leader now with consensus that India needed a leader with his dynamism at right time to usher India into 21st century.

Last four and half years have not been a bed of roses for PM Modi to bring the nation to a path of progress, leaving corrupt practices of formal Congress rule of almost seven decades where corruption was a primary function of government and use of public funding for public project was simply a secondary task for same officials! Rampant corruption had not just hindered progress of India but had broken soul and spirit of people who felt that they had lost their way to reach a new century.

With Modi at the helm, it was a new game in town. Narendra Modi did not waste time to begin unfinished business on renaissance of independent India. He began with infrastructure which was not just insufficient to carry on the rapid development of the country. He set goal posts for development and made sure to attain them. He declared goals on making India “Clean India” in many ways from clean streets, clean toilets in every household, cleaning rivers around nation, irrigation, electricity via solar energy application etc. in different directions in a Herculean effort. No task was left behind – small or big. He tapped never used resources to achieve targets and weeded corruption out in the process.

He gave priority to defense equipment procurement and foreign policy where he showed his acumen. Critics always labeled his travels unnecessary but he always proved them wrong with his dividends in cordial relations and cooperation in joint ventures around Globe.

Seal of approval from people ultimately comes from his uncanny honesty from his administration as well as in his personal life. Even though his severe critics may have a word or two to say on policy matters; but no one pointed fingers for any financial irregularities. His honesty is his brand image which younger generation of Indians has trusted tremendously.

Rahul Gandhi is a purely accidental leader of Congress party, make no mistake about it. Also, Congress party today is not the same party of pre-independence era. That grand old party with history of contribution in struggle of freedom from British rule made so many leaders who served as role models in society in an unmatched way. Original Congress party was not propriety of a single family who owned the party and milked for gain of family above interests of people of the nation! Congress party today has borrowed the name ‘Congress’ only from old party while it has changed its course and character completely.

Now Rahul Gandhi inherited leadership by default as a member of Nehru-Gandhi clan, but he hasn’t exhibited an Iota of leadership quality to lead such a great nation or possess quality of an experienced leader. He offers nothing in experience and knowledge to counter balance his opposition in Narendra Modi who has stacked his contribution in public life as Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister.

It is also ironic that while media from overseas loath over Rahul Gandhi’s incapabilities on grasping leadership of a nation or matching no experience and no training in public life; it baffles people on silence of elite media in India on deficient political profile of Rahul Gandhi as a projected leader in opposition! It is also puzzling that same media never misses to criticize Narendra Modi unfairly! It gives impression that media is embedded with Rahul Gandhi’s party for only currying favor with personal special interest.

Rahul Gandhi read the nation’s mood completely lopsided. He thought that he is shoo-in as a scion of Gandhi family and people would accept him without any reservation. He should have evaluated his qualifications as well as disqualifications before turning into a piñata!

First he was never groomed as a political heir in the family so when he was elevated to party leadership, he failed miserably. He could never focus on issues of the day. He did not even care seriously to evaluate NDA government’s performance balanced manner. Instead his senseless utterances without substance have become the butt of jokes.

The so called grand alliance of opposition parties faces a herculean task to match the strength of the NDA in the coming campaign. They branded the united front as ‘Mahagathbandhan‘ but it is not bonded together to face the tough challenge. All group leaders aspire to grab coveted position of Prime Ministership but no one exhibits full strength to lead the nation.

As for the NDA alliance, their strength is within the core group of leadership. They must realize to harness that energy for the campaign and later to run the administration thereafter. In the current government, there is already such group which includes people like Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Nitin Gadkari et al. Now it is time to add new blood to invigorate the administration. One rising star is in waiting, he is the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Chauhan. He could be an asset of unmatched value with his superb administrative skills, tremendous popularity and clean chit on political career. PM Modi, if elected would certainly need to clean the old administration to enhance NDA’s clean image. He must remain distant with irregularities of any kind to represent a clean administration.

Road through election 2019 is rocky for both – Congress alliance and NDA. But it is a Herculean climb for Congress as it faces dual challenge – one on the campaign front with tough battle and another within to fix the image of their weak leader. It is also for the NDA to perform well in the campaign. Nothing is served on a platter, not even win or loss!


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