PHOTO BY: Suresh K Gupta
Modi Community Reception Stage 06:25:17

Stage was all set for the Community Reception while 600 plus people were screened with just one machine before entering the hall

Washington, DC – Another great event to Welcome Indian Prime Minister to Washington,DC. Overall, it went well, but always a few glitches, here & there …

Standing over two hours, for security clearance, with no AC, was nothing but a torture’ (600 plus guests and only one security screener) Really … I thought, that they have been planning for weeks.

The seating arrangement, it reminded of “segregation.” As if, rows A thru F, were high ends or the cream) Just not right, it did not fit well.

PM Modi’s speech was another good “sales pitch.” He just happens to be “great in delivering it” by mesmerizing the audience. But, the audience are not “High school drop outs either.”
We can see through it, and understand Hindi very well …

Domestic programs, Gas cylinder subsidies, or Urea for the farmers, felt irrelevant to Diaspora. There’s nothing for us, to comment or compliment.

FDI Foreign Direct Investment scheme, hmmmmmmmmm did not “sink in.”
I came to listen, as a Diaspora, “what can I do now for my country” like we all helped in “shaping nuclear deal” a while ago.

I tend to worry than celebrate, that 800 millions, out of 1.25 billions are under 35 years of age. A few Pandits, worry for India in 2030, not too far away, India will “explode” by then, population projected to be around 2.00 billion, with the same space for them to live. It is a worry and not addressed.

A great job done in sectors of Technology, Terrorism, corruption, Space, is accepted, but “to take the entire credit,” for the seeds were planted before May 2014.

November 8th 2016 Demonetization was barely touched or addressed, still lots of “unhappy campers” out there in India and 30 plus millions diaspora.

Finally, it felt good to be one in 600, being there today, coming from all 50 states in America, and those hailing from all states in India. It makes us realize and emotional, we are still Indians “at heart.” And, we always will be an Indian first, then only later Indian Americans.


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