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US, France Celebrate Alliance at Bastille Day Parade

Paris, France - US service members helped France celebrate Bastille Day today as they led the military parade down the famed Champs Elysees under the...

US-India Defense Relationship on Positive Trajectory: Cara

Washington, DC - The defense relationship between the United States and India is positive and has come a long way in two decades, Cara Abercrombie,...

Americans to Lead Bastille Day Parade in Paris

Paris, France - A historic first, nearly 200 American service members will lead the military parade on Bastille Day, July 14, along the famous...


Plastics Leave Permanent Indestructible Legacy

London - US scientists have calculated yet another item on the human shopping list that makes up the modern world: plastics. They have estimated the...

Nuclear War Would Set Off Climate Catastrophe

London - Four US scientists have just introduced one more good reason not to launch a nuclear war. It would not simply guarantee the mutual...

Too Hot to Fly: Rising Heat May Ground Planes

London - US scientists have just added a new dimension of horror to the modern airport experience: global warming could take heat wave temperatures to...


USCIS Offers Mobile Form Option for Replacing Green Card

Washington, DC - In a major overhaul of the process and to remove the associated legal costs, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services...

Dulles Airport Welcomes Direct Air India Flight from India

Dulles International Airport, VA - On Friday, July 7, 2017, clouds parted to reveal the landing of a direct Air India flight from New...

‘America First’ Trump Readies Red Carpet for ‘Make In India’ Modi

Washington, DC - US President Donald Trump will meet visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time on Monday (June 26) since...


DARPA Programs Create Defense Systems for Data, Networks

Washington, DC - The internet is an infrastructure that supports all aspects of modern life, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is creating technology...

India’s Power Surge: A Paradox of Plenty?

Washington, DC - India’s state power ministers convened in Delhi recently for an unusual group meeting. The event had a dual purpose: partly to celebrate...

No Immediate Changes to H-1B Visa Holders Nor For Applicants

Washington, DC - The US State Department on Monday (April 24) confirmed an ongoing “full review” of the H-1B program and said there were...


Perilous Interventions: The Security Council and the Politics of Chaos

New York - “Perilous Interventions: The Security Council and the Politics of Chaos” (Harper Colins, 2016), a book providing a sharp analysis of the recent...