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US, Afghan Forces Target Taliban Drug Labs, Hit ‘Where it Hurts’

Washington, DC - US and Afghan forces conducted a series of strikes over the past 24 hours against Taliban drug labs, to target the revenue...

Family Tradition of Service Drives Deputy Secretary Shanahan

Washington, DC - Deputy Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan has only one picture hanging on the wall of his Pentagon office: that of his father, Mike,...

Pence Says America Owes Veterans a Debt, Promises Stronger Military

Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia - From the dawn of the Republic, the United States has depended upon its veterans, and it owes them a...


Climate Change: Global Warming ‘Hiatus’ is Over

London, UK - It is official. The world is warming according to expectations. The so-called and much debated “pause” in global warming is over. And...

Climate Change: Why Earth Will Never Freeze Over

London - Scientists think they now know something profound about the Ice Ages. In a world in which carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere fall...

California Guardsmen Help Manage Evacuation Center

Petaluma, California - The presence of the California Army National Guard was enough for Deborah L. Dalton to put things into perspective. As thousands...


FBI Annual Report Shows Rise in Hate Crime For Second Straight Year

Washington, DC - Different organizations advocating on behalf of various religious and ethnic minorities reacted as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Uniform Crime...

USCIS Offers Mobile Form Option for Replacing Green Card

Washington, DC - In a major overhaul of the process and to remove the associated legal costs, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services...

Dulles Airport Welcomes Direct Air India Flight from India

Dulles International Airport, VA - On Friday, July 7, 2017, clouds parted to reveal the landing of a direct Air India flight from New...


Warming Linked to Storm Harvey Devastation

London - Tropical storm Harvey is by any standard off the scale. Some parts of Texas have received in just over a week the rainfall...

Military Researchers Collaborate With University on Opioid Crisis

Bethesda, Maryland - Opioids are the main driver of drug overdose deaths across the United States, and West Virginia has been among the hardest hit...

3 Tips to Make Your Marketing Emails Stand Out

Omaha - In today’s world of email, people are being flooded with hundreds of messages each day, many of them being spammy marketing emails....


Perilous Interventions: The Security Council and the Politics of Chaos

New York - “Perilous Interventions: The Security Council and the Politics of Chaos” (Harper Colins, 2016), a book providing a sharp analysis of the recent...